Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I am baaaaccckkkk in fighting shape!

Hello to all the Gumptionistas out there! I took a little hiatus from writing my blog, but I am back. In the last two years, I reconnected with a man I dated 10 years ago, we were engaged on February 4th, and we were married on August 30th! It was wonderful and magical and I highly recommend it. It's never too late to get married and regardless of your age, you can have the wedding that you want. I never dreamed of my wedding day. I was not the girl who dreamed of her wedding day since she was a little girl. My dreams were to become the CEO of a company and make millions:). That hasn't happened yet but its never too late. I always wanted to be better than I was (always putting far too much pressure on myself) and wished more for myself than my parents had. This is the dream all parents have their children, but at a young age, I was accutely aware of that and wanted more for myself, too. Deep down, I knew that I would meet someone very special, but I didn't focus on it. Unfortunately, not focusing on it at all left me getting married at 46, but it happened exactly the way it was supposed to and I have no regrets of holding out for my perfect someone. I am with the man that I was always meant to be with, who supports my feistiness and crazed letter writing, and everything else that comes with it. Although I have not updated the blog in a while, I never stopped writing letters and recommending or making changes where I felt they were needed. I will work on getting those posted in the next few days. I am still out there fighting to make things right and make senior management at companies take notice of their customers and consumers. I joined Toastmasters at work and it made me realize that I still have a voice and there are still people who want to listen to my passion for ranting (all in a positive way of course).

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